Peek behind the curtain with testimonials from my undercover ops!

Immediate action towards positive change.

I own a boutique dental clinic in Hendersonville with a team of seven dedicated professionals. While our patient base remains steady, I’ve always felt there’s room for growth and improvement. Additionally, I noticed occasional friction among staff members, impacting our overall atmosphere. Determined to enhance our practice, I sought to gain insights into the patient’s experience from start to finish. A trusted colleague recommended Melissa, who had successfully evaluated her café in downtown Nashville. Impressed by her approach, I engaged her services. Melissa operated incognito, meticulously evaluating various aspects of our practice and offering invaluable recommendations. Her discreet observations have reignited my passion for our business, prompting immediate action towards positive change. I believe such innovative services are invaluable resources for small business owners seeking to thrive.

Mary L.


We were thoroughly impressed!

Melissa recently indulged in a luxurious stay at our esteemed resort, where her keen eye for detail uncovered areas of improvement. Unbeknownst to us, she graciously undertook an extensive evaluation of the resort throughout her nine-day retreat. On her departure, she graciously shared her comprehensive evaluation report with me. ¡Guau! We were thoroughly impressed by the thoroughness of her assessment and the practical recommendations she provided. We are deeply grateful for her insights and commit to implementing many of her suggestions in the upcoming weeks. It was enlightening to identify and address minor issues that had previously gone unnoticed. We are dedicated to elevating the guest experience to new heights of excellence. Muchas gracias, Melissa, and we eagerly await your return to our resort!

Francisco Acosta

Director of Hospitality Operations

Sales are up!

We took Melissa’s recommendations and sales are up!

K. Simpson

We are so pleased!

Melissa made a big difference in our small business. We are so pleased!

Ainsley Moore

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